assorted cooking spices


Our spices are made with the finest ingredients we can find. We harvest the herbs and vegetables at their peak when fully ripened on the plant. Immediately after picking they are washed and spin dried a minimum of three times and placed in food driers. After drying they are sealed in airtight packaging and placed in cool dry storage.


The “Market on the Farm” is held every third Saturday of the month, June through November. This is where you can find unique home décor, our spices, fresh baked sourdough and specialty breads, special jams, oils, and kitchenware. We try to bring in local and small, often women owed, business to introduce.

food on brown wooden table with chairs and plates


This year we are working on bringing in several workshops offering flower arrangements, painting, candle making, and so much more. We are also offering Pizza on the Patio. Offering Salmon Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Gyro Pizza, Meat Lovers Pizza, and Veggie Pizza.

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