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The bakery is closed for the season. We will be back in the Spring. Until then feel free to drool over the pictures.
See you soon!


Sourdough – known for it’s distinct tang, it’s about as natural as you get when it comes to bread.

Focaccia (pronounced fuh-kaa-chuh) – is a classic Italian bread with a crisp chewy crust, airy soft center, and amazing flavor.

Croissant – A flaky French pastry laminated and pressed with flavorful, delicious, European butter.

Sandwich Bread – Favored sandwich flavors, sliced and ready to eat.

Rustic Bread – rustic bread is not shaped with a pan but formed by hand.

Quick Bread – prepared with a batter instead of a dough. Instead of yeast a leavening agent is used.


Donuts – a cake like disc of yumminess.

Cronuts – a donut made with croissant pastry.

Baked Goods:

Cookies – a baked treat. Large, sweet, crispy exterior, gooey interior.

Macarons – a French pastry composed of two shells and a filling in the middle.

Pastries – a sweet baked treat made of pastry dough.

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